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Club racing is held every Friday night except during school holidays. Riders race in divisions where they ride against other riders of their ability.

Nominations: please bring BMXA Licence to the Rego hut between 5.15pm & befor 6.00pm.  If you are running late, please phone through to the club on 0481 733 800 so you/your rider is still included in the nights racing.

Gate practice: 6.00pm -6.25pm

Racing: 6.30pm

If raining please check the Facebook, your email or call a committee member.

Club Race Night Fees

Nomination fee for racing is $8.00 per rider.  Mini Wheelers is $2.00.

Nominations must be in by 6.00pm.

Scoring and Tokens

Our hard working Registration volunteer score all challenge class riders. As per Australian Junior Sport policy our Sprocket riders and Mini Wheelers are not scored and will all receive the same reward.  The following week,  riders are awarded tokens, generic ones for Sprockets and Mini Wheelers and placing tokens for the top 8 challenge class riders (in each class) during break for their results the previous week.

Scoring is complex but at the end of the day the lower the score the better. First over the line scores 1 point, second - 2, third - 3 through to 8 points for eighth place. The points for all motos (races) are then added together to work out final positions.  When we run  a night with finals, if a class has 8 or fewer riders overall scores are calculated the same as a normal race night, but if a class has more than 8 riders results come down to a final. The eight riders with the lowest scores from the motos move forward to a final, the outcome of that final only determines a riders placing for that event.

At Rockhampton BMX Club, we normally run 4 motos, break, 2 motos with no finals.  Some weeks we may also have fun nights or nights with finals.

Training and Coaching

Training sessions are held at the track every Wednesday night  (depending on weather )except during school holidays. All sessions are conducted by accredited coaches although parental help is required.

If raining please check Facebook, your email or call a committee member to see if training is still on.

Training Times

Sessions are as follows:


Mini Wheelers 5.00pm - 5.15pm
Sprockets 5.15pm - 6.00pm
Divisions 5.50pm - 6.30pm
Gates $3 per rider 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Please bring a water bottle and again, riders must be accompanied by a responsible adult please.

All riders must be signed in to training and gates.  Please visit the canteen and add your rider’s name to the list before training or gates gets underway.

Volunteer Positions

Up to 10 volunteers are required to run a club race meeting. Help is required from aprox.6-8.30pm on Friday night in the canteen and from 5.30pm on Wednesday and Friday nights with general track maintenance. A new volunteer will not be thrown in the deep end. They will have an experienced person run through the ropes with them and stay with them until they are confident to do that position by themselves. If you can assist please let one of the committee know and they will put you on the volunteer board.

Registrar Assistant Assist the registrar in taking nominations and preparing race order sheets from 5-7 pm
Staging Placing riders in the correct races and gate lanes for each race. This is done from a computer printout.
Starter Start each race. (Instructions & supervision given) Must have Officials Lv1
Corner Officials (Berms) Standing on the 1st berm (corner) using flags to indicate to the starter that the track is clear before the next race is started.
Lines People Write down the riders numbers as they cross the finish line
First Aid Officer Administer First aid to injured riders (must have current First aid certificate)
Commentator Commentating during the races.
Race Referee This is the chief official on race night (must be Accredited)
Canteen Helpers Help in the canteen serving and preparing food
Track Maintenance Assist in maintaining the track (sweeping, watering)

We are dependent upon the parents of our riders to act as officials on race nights. Please spend just a few minutes and complete your Volunteer Licence and the free online course you will find Here This will ensure you have the necessary insurance involved in being an official.

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