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Trial Equipment

If you’re keen to give the sport a go but don’t have a suitable bike or helmet we can help. The club have a few bikes and helmets in varying sizes for use at our facility during club events so you can give it a go without having to make an immediate investment into the necessary equipment. Use of this equipment is subject to availability, riders may need to share to ensure accessibility for all. You will need to have at least a 4 month Licence.  Riders are welcome to use this equipment for the duration of their 4 month trial licence but we ask that once the licence is renewed, the rider have their own gear.

Should you wish to use your own bike, then you will need to ensure that it meets all the requirements set out in sections 40 to 54 in the 2018 BMXA Rule Book

Personal Equipment Requirements

All riders, while racing or practicing, must wear proper safety equipment, ie. full faced helmet, long sleeved top, tucked into long legged pants, socks which cover the anklebones, shoes or boots and suitable full fingered gloves. Shorts are permitted if worn with rigid knee and shin guards that cover entire front of leg.

Riders are not permitted to wear personal jewellery (necklaces, earrings etc) which could possibly be a safety hazard.

Membership and Licence Fees

All new riders to the sport need to apply for a racing licence.  All licences are issued and paid online, please head to BMX Australia Membership, see us at the track or call the Registrar.

Only BMXA licenced riders can take part in club events including training.

Licence Prices

Category Category Description Price*
Mini Wheeler

BMX Mini Wheelers is an introductory level where riders develop balance, gross motor skills and independence to begin riding a bike. Riders will be able to develop skills that allows their progression in the sport to become seamless as they progress on to the more traditional BMX bike at 5 years of age. This membership is valid for 12 months and can be upgraded via your club or BMXA once your rider is using a pedal bike..


Sprocket Under 8

Sprocket Rocket membership is for any rider under the age of 8. The Sprocket Rocket program is a participation based program, taking the focus from competition to skill based learning programs. This allows children under the age of 8 the opportunity to tune their BMX racing skills in a fun non-competitive environment.

Riders who are 7 years of age will be issued with a sprocket licence initially, and if they turn 8 during their sprocket membership they will be reissued an open licence which reflects their new age of 8.

4 Months


12 Months



Enables riders to ride on any track at Club, Open, State and Australian Championships.

4 Months


12 Months


MTBA CA Upgrade
Upgrade Mini to Sprocket $129.24

* Prices may change without notice

With the exception of the 4 month licence, all competition licence are valid for a period of 12 months from date of issue. NO renewal notices are sent out. It is the responsibility of the parent/rider to renew in a timely manner. Proof of age will need to be uploaded withing 14 days of  applying for a licence e.g. Birth Certificate, Licence etc. (BMXA will suspend the licence if no Proof of Age is uploaded, you CANNOT ride or train with a suspended licence)

Membership Levy

A yearly levy of $25 is paid  per Rider. This levy is paid at the commencement of the season with the exception of  New Members who will need to pay this at their first training/race night. A copy of the Membership Levy Policy is available.

By joining the Rockhampton BMX Club Inc you acknowledge that you accept the terms and conditions of membership and that you will abide by the club’s rider and/or parent Code of Conduct.

Number Plates

To assist our commentator and to allow effective scoring of our riders we ask that, as soon as practicable riders affix a number plate to their race bike.

These are available for purchase from Registration for $20 (plate and numbers). For a more affordable option you can use a piece of plastic (eg ice-cream lid) or cardboard with numbers marked with marker pen (note please use colours appropriate to your rider as per the “Bicycle Equipment Requirements” section following).

There are also a number of specialist suppliers (on the Internet) who make personalised plates that are a great gift idea.

Remember to talk to the Registrar and have a number allocated as we must ensure no two riders likely to compete against each other have the same number.

Elite White plate, with black numbers
Junior Elite Black plate, white numbers
Mini Wheeler Purple plate, white numbers
Sprocket Orange plate, black numbers
Expert Boys Yellow plate, black numbers
Expert Girls Blue plate, white numbers
Cruiser Red plate, white numbers


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